Policy and Capacity Support

The Small Arms Survey provides research-informed policy advice to enable the development and implementation of international and regional mechanisms and processes that contain principles, norms, and practices to effectively combat the illicit flow of small arms and ammunition and reduce the impact of armed violence.

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The Policy and Capacity Support (PACS) unit monitors and evaluates different approaches, programmes, and projects to identify effective practices and standards for operationalizing international and regional mechanisms and processes. The Survey uses this evidence base to develop and disseminate tools and resources to develop capacity at the international, regional, and national levels.

The unit’s projects and activities include research, outreach and information sharing, and capacity support. The unit often directly supports a specific partner to develop, implement, monitor, or change small arms and armed violence strategies, policies, or practices. The outputs of the unit include policy recommendations and guidance, strategies and action plans, increased capacity, and monitoring and evaluation reports.