An Iron Fist in Lakes State: Law, Order, and Volatility on the Margins

Submitted by Katie Lazaro on 18 July, 2023

Situation Update: Lakes state, South Sudan

Since his appointment as governor of Lakes state in June 2021, Rin Tueny Mabor has transformed the area from one of the most troubled in South Sudan to one of the most secure. His heavy-handed approach, however, has drawn controversy with allegations of human rights violations.

Taliban Arms Management Practices

Submitted by Katie Lazaro on 16 June, 2023

Situation Update: Afghanistan

Almost two years after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, the country faces multiple overlapping crises and growing humanitarian needs. The Taliban government has attempted to monitor and control small arms at the national level, however, much of the day-to-day running of affairs is left to the local officials both for political reasons and capacity issues.

Arms Embargo Self-Assessment Tool

Submitted by Lionel Kosirnik on 30 May, 2023

The Small Arms Survey’s Arms Embargo Self-Assessment Tool is designed to assist UN member states in examining their approaches and practices in implementing conventional arms embargoes mandated by United Nations Security Council resolutions (UNSCRs) in general, and in particular those relating to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

UN sanctions against North Korea: How well are states reporting on their implementation?

Submitted by Lionel Kosirnik on 22 May, 2023

'Any multilateral instrument on an issue of international concern, such as arms control or disarmament, is likely to impose reporting obligations on the participating states. Reporting has several functions, from indicating how well an instrument is being implemented over time to revealing weak spots and whether states need help to integrate the instrument into national practice. Proper reporting can also foster transparency and trust among states...'

Keep Your Distance—But Keep Your Gun, Too: New Responses From the Argentinian State to Gender-based violence

Submitted by Lionel Kosirnik on 3 May, 2023

'Actresses, politicians, artists, businesswomen, role models…all women, bah… Won't we raise our voices? THEY'RE KILLING US.'

Argentinian journalist Marcela Ojeda posted this tweet on 11 May 2015. Three weeks later, on 3 June, more than 200,000 people gathered before the Congressional Palace under the slogan 'Ni una menos' ('Not one [woman] less').

The Value of Reporting: National Reporting Practices under the UN Sanctions Regime on North Korea

Submitted by Lionel Kosirnik on 19 April, 2023

The UN Security Council has imposed a broad range of sanctions on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, requesting member states to report on how they are implementing these measures. Many factors affect the national reporting practices of states, with some having failed to submit any reports.