HSBA Archive - Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration (DDR)

This page contains archive versions of documents on disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration.

  • DDR in South Sudan (09.07.2013)
  • DDR in Sudan (01.06.2013)
  • DDR in South Sudan (20.09.2011)

To see the final communiqué from the South Sudan DDR Commission's review conference entitled DDR in South Sudan-Lessons Learned and Challenges ahead of the Referendum, 14-16 November 2010, click here.

To see the South Sudan DDR Commission audit undertaken by PricewaterhouseCoopers, November 2010 click here.


Relevant Tables, Maps, and Summaries

  • Reintegration Training Locations, South Sudan, as of May 2011 (from HSBA Issue Brief 17) - Map showing reintegration locations in South Sudan.
  • Status of Demobilization as of 23 January 2011 - Table showing anticipated and completed demobilization caseloads in North and South Sudan as of 23 January 2011.
  • Status of Reintegration as of January 2011 - Table showing numbers of demobilized Northern and Southern ex-combatants who are receiving reintegration training or have completed reintegration training as of January 2011.
  • Completed, Ongoing, and Planned Demobilization Locations as of 1 November 2010 - Map showing demobilization locations in South Sudan and South Kordofan, Blue Nile, and Sennar States
  • Demobilization Progress as of 19 September 2010 (UNMIS) - Table showing total demobilized men and women by location and state through September 2010
  • Proposed Demobilization Timeline as of 19 September 2010 (UNMIS) - Table showing projected caseloads by location and state as of September 2010

Relevant HSBA Publications

  • Failures and Opportunities: Rethinking DDR in South Sudan, HSBA Issue Brief 17, May 2011
  • DDR in Sudan: Too Little, Too Late?, by Ryan Nichols, February 2011
  • Unrealistic Expectations: Current Challenges to Reintegration in South Sudan, by Julie Brethfeld, June 2010
  • South Sudan and DDR: Adopting an Integrated Approach to Stabilization, Papers from HSBA Workshop, Juba, South Sudan, 25-26 June 2009
  • Promoting Security in South Sudan: HSBA Workshop Outcome Statement, Juba, South Sudan, 25-26 June 2009