New digital home for the Small Arms Survey

GENEVA—As you may have seen, we’ve recently revamped our website.

Long in the making, we’ve listened to your feedback on the old website and as such, we’ve prioritized making it:

  • Clean
    • We’ve gone for a cleaner design with fewer elements so that there’s less content to click through to find what you need.
  • Simple
    • We’ve tried to consolidate information and simplify the content so that it’s not only easy to find but easy to understand.
  • Informative
    • We’ve similarly sought to retain previous content so you don’t miss anything. This remains a work-in-progress and some of the information from the old website is still being moved, but it will be here eventually.

If you struggle finding anything, please don’t hesitate to write to:

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Welcome! We’re so glad to have you here!