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Public Event
Maison de la Paix, Geneva

Violent extremism threat assessment in selected regions of the Southern Libyan borderlands and North-Western Nigeria

Friday 4 November 2022 - 09:00-10:15 Geneva time/CEST  |  In-person Geneva Peace Week event

The Libyan borderlands, much like the broader Sahel region, are characterized by limited access to public services, weak political institutions, porous borders, multiple direct military interventions, the presence of armed groups, the proliferation of small arms and lights weapons, and meddling by regional and global powers—all of which contribute to an increased risk of violent extremism. This event seeks to better understand the dynamics of these risk factors in the selected regions of the southern Libya borderlands and North-Western Nigeria. It relies on a report by the Small Arms Survey and the United Nations Development Programme that utilised quantitative surveys of people’s perceptions of factors (or drivers), actors, and values associated with violent extremism. A total of 6,852 interviews were undertaken in selected border regions of northern Chad, southern Libya, north-eastern Niger, north-western Nigeria, and western Sudan between December 2020 and July 2021. By shedding light on populations’ perceptions, the event will highlight some common trends across the borderlands, and will provide some granular understanding on specific challenges.


  • Agi Veres, Director, UNDP Representation Office, Geneva
  • Alaa Tartir, Senior Researcher and Project Lead, Small Arms Survey
  • Giordano Segneri, Governance, and Peacebuilding Team Leader, UNDP Regional Hub for Arab States
  • Nicolas Florquin, Head of Data and Analytics and Senior Researcher, Small Arms Survey
  • Nirina Kiplagat, Regional Peacebuilding Advisor, UNDP Regional Services Centre for Africa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Dr. Roselyn Akombe, Governance and Peacebuilding Coordinator, UNDP Regional Services Centre for Africa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia